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Andy Cole is a business psychologist with over 25 years experience in helping leaders, teams and organisations become more resourceful.

He has worked for and with leading household names across the private, public and voluntary sector.


In 2018, Andy formed a collective with expert colleagues across a wide range of psychology practice.

Get better is a psychology collective whose purpose is to provide psychology when life isn’t - at work, with others or in general.

To promote curiosity.
To be different.
To be better.

Andy Cole

Andy is a business psychologist who has led training, development and talent management strategies in the private and public sector. His consulting practice covers executive coaching, corporate education, experiential leadership development and interim HR projects. He brings energy and enthusiasm to make learning & development both experiential and engaging. He has a reputation for taking a pragmatic problem solving approach, the goal is always to help people learn new ways to solve problems and become more resourceful.

Andy holds an MSc in Business Psychology, Postgrad qualifications in HR management and Executive Coaching & Mentoring. He is a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, Principal Practitioner with Association of Business Psychologists and a Member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council.

In April 2019 Andy was admitted as an individual member of the Federation of Drug and Alcohol practitioners (FDAP). Click Here

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Executive Coaching 

Executive Coaching combines an understanding of the science of human behaviour with experience of the world of work to attain effective and sustainable performance for both individuals and organisations.
These typically involve issues around leadership style, career re-assessments or managing personal or professional change.

Andy’s coaching approach uses the Egan Skilled Helper model to help people work out what they need, why they need it and learn how to achieve it. His counselling practice draws from cognitive behavioural, socio-analytical and solution focused approaches to help people gain new insights to solve existing problems.

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